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Mundelein Animal Hospital

New CVT Appointments

With some of our appointment availability often booked out for weeks, we have an exciting new opportunity for you. We are now offering Certified Veterinary Technician examinations and consultations. Under the direct guidance of a DVM, Ivy will see your pet for appointments such as ear, skin, and urinary tract infection rechecks, routine vaccination boosters, 6th month Preventative Care Wellness exams, anal gland issues, and more. Ivy has been a CVT since 2016 and has been practicing with us since 2019. Her veterinary medical skill and knowledge have assisted in treating many pets for more than 7 years.

During a CVT appointment, Ivy will perform a full physical examination from head to tail. She has been further trained to watch and listen for the same concerns that our DVM’s look for. She will discuss her findings with you, and perform any necessary treatments, vaccinations, and diagnostics that are recommended. The DVM will oversee, diagnose, and prescribe medications based on those findings.

Benefits to a CVT appointment include lower cost examination and consultation, ease of scheduling when DVM appointments may be booked out for days or weeks at a time, confirmation of resolution of ailments, confirmation of a potential ailment or issue when you are unsure, preventative care recommendations, demonstration of medication administration, and more.

Ivy’s special veterinary interests include general healthcare recommendations, growing diagnostic skills, learning new techniques and evaluating samples (skin, ears, urinary, etc). Outside of the animal hospital, Ivy enjoys hiking, camping, and playing video games. Her family includes 3 dogs (Layla, Bella, Kilo), 1 cat (Mordeca), 1 cockatiel (Paco), and 1 goldfish (Orangy).

Meet Our CVT

Common appointment types include:

  • Puppy/Kitten vaccine boosters (excluding the first and last booster appointments)

  • First time anal gland issues

  • Skin, Ear, Urine Rechecks

  • Medication Demonstration (insulin administration, subcutaneous fluids, oral medication troubleshooting, etc.)

  • Freestyle Libre application (for diabetic monitoring)

  • Bandage Changes

  • Bird and small mammal nail trims

  • Nutritional and weight management appointments

Not all appointments are appropriate for CVT appointment scheduling, please call us at (847) 566-5750 to discuss in more detail.