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Mundelein Animal Hospital

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Our Team

Our Veterinarians

The Mundelein Animal Hospital team of skilled veterinarians welcome you to our practice. Proudly serving the Mundelein Community for over 50 years. At Mundelein Animal Hospital, we are very passionate in providing top quality care to our patients, through compassion and client education. We strive to always have a positive impact on our patients, pet owners, and the local community.

Our Support Staff

At The Mundelein Animal Hospital, many members of our staff have been with us for many years. We’re really proud of that—it makes us a true family veterinary practice. It allows for consistency of care and ensures your satisfaction because your veterinarian and staff will really get to know you and your pets.

Our mission is to provide exceptional veterinary care with a focus on the highest standards of medicine, fueled by compassion, empathy, and unwavering love for every patient. We are dedicated to client education, ensuring that pet owners are empowered to make informed decisions and actively participate in their pet's well-being, while delivering comprehensive and nurturing patient care.