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A La Carte Menu for Guests

Our Guests automatically receive three walks a day, feeding on schedule, treats throughout the day, blankets to ensure comfort and love from our kennel technicians.

Additional items you may wish to provide during their stay:

Sweet Treats:

For Dogs:

  • Frozen Peanut Butter Kong: $4.46

    • A Kong filled with frozen peanut butter and a Milk Bone inside!

  • Ice Cream: $4.46

    • As simple as it sounds, a scoop of ICE CREAM!

For Cats:

  • Treat/Food Ball: $4.46

    • A little ball that has/catnip in, as they play around with its treats come out of the little holes!

Rejuvenation Therapy:

For Dogs:

  • Romps: $17

    • Your pet will be let outside with the kennel technician to run around for about 15 minutes!

  • Fresh Air Strolls: $9

    • Will be given an extra walk! (Weather permitting)

For Cats:

  • Swat and Swing: $4.46

    • Provide your kitty with an afternoon interactive catnip toy to encourage mental and physical challenges! (Will be sent home with each guest)

  • Purring Playtime: $16.75

    • 15 minutes of time outside of their regular kennel with environmental enrichment activities. (All items are one-time purchase, but can be purchased as many times as owner would like).